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Lake Tahoe, CA

Its hard to wake up at 3:15 AM... But its worth it when you are the only car on a ussually crowded street. Its hard to not turn the alarm off and "accidentally" fall asleep again... but I'm always glad I  didn't when I look up and see the milky way shining back at me.... And its hard pulling off the covers and stepping into the cold morning air... but there is nothing more satisfying then seeing the warm sunrise hit a snow covered mountain.  It is worth it, you just have to get out of bed!

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Fallen Leaf Lake

It all starts with a plan...or at least it should. This is the lesson that I learned last weekend when I began thinking about where I wanted to go for my weekly photo hike. living near Sacramento is terrific because it gives you the opportunity to travel a few hours and have amazing snow covered mountains or beautiful beaches. In my past adventures, I rarely planned out locations to shoot. This meant I was often driving someplace random and running around trying to find a good shot while the light was quickly changing from perfect to flat and boring. However, this trip was different...

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