Desolation Wilderness, CA

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
— Ansel Adams

Desolation Wilderness is a place to not only find opportunities for amazing photographs, It is a place to find silence. It is a place to lay on giant slabs of granite and stare at the stars while listening to Johnny Cash's album of cover songs. Trust me.

Ceili and I had the opportunity last weekend to journey up through Desolation Wilderness for three days with Ceili's uncle. He will be performing our wedding ceremony in September, and this was a pre-wedding adventure.  I highly recommend every couple do this! I'll add that I was incredibly proud to see Ceili push herself as hard as she did. It was awesome!

This trip was incredible, and I honestly can't describe it very well with words. After climbing a waterfall, swimming in mountain lakes, sleeping next to the largest slabs of granite I've ever seen, and walking until my boots started falling apart, I've realized only getting outside can provide such an experience so inspirational and refreshing. Enjoy the photographs and then go outside! Until the next adventure -Justin

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