Big Sur, CA

This was the hardest hike of my life! ... It was also the best brisket sandwich I've ever had. Its not often that you are able to say those things about one trip, but Big Sur will make it happen! 

I had the opportunity to travel to Big Sur a couple weeks ago with one of my best friends. It was a trip filled with ocean views, delicious foods, and copious amount of walking, jumping and sometimes stumbling. Leaving before 5:00 AM we traveled southwest in search of the pacific. The morning was brisk and fog covered the hills along Highway 1. As we got closer, we couldn't help but roll down the windows and enjoy the atmosphere. Stopping on the side of the road is pretty normal in Big Sur. Wherever dozens of cars are stacked up alongside the guardrails you know you must be close to a landmark. We stopped at our first turnout and took a few pictures before venturing down the road towards the next amazing view.  Big Sur is not only home to beautiful beaches and towering trees, but also tiny bunnys that sit in the middle of some of the walking paths.  They would sit there and just wait for you to get close before running under the nearest bush. 

This is one of my favorites shots from the trip. As we were driving down highway 1, we came across this lighthouse and I had to jump out and take a picture. The foggy atmosphere of the early morning gave such an amazing mood to the scene. The lamp of the lighthouse spun and it was only facing us for a brief second every twelve seconds. With the help of a well-timed watch we were able to capture this image on the first try and hop back in the car.

Next we headed out for a short hike through Andrew Molera state park and down to the beach.


If you ever find yourself in Big Sur and you are looking for a place to eat... GO TO VENTANA INN!  This place is so insanely good.  We stopped for lunch... and it was incredibly tasty.  Full disclosure, it is a little pricey, but it is so worth it.  Plus the place has a pretty killer art gallery.  Can't beat it.  Alright, back to the trip.  Following the most delicious Brisket sandwich, we headed back up Highway 1 to connect with the trail we planned on hiking.  with our gear on our backs, we set out on the trail towards Pico Blanco.

Words can't really describe how beautiful and difficult this hike was.  it was nearly 8 miles out and most of it felt like it was uphill.  Although we were exhausted by the time we reached the field were we planned on staying the night in, it was such a rewarding experience.  Plus, the swimming hole at the end was absolutely stunning and the perfect place to reflect on the day.  Since it is difficult to describe in words, I'll leave you with some photos. Below you will see our camping spot, the swimming hole and a few pictures of Bixby Bridge and McWay Falls from the next day. Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe below!  And thanks again to my best bud for the awesome trip!

Big Sur-10.jpg