Bodega Bay, CA

This post isn't about the photography. This post is about the journey. A journey that didn't really start with much of a plan or reason for leaving. Its about a Journey between my fiancee and I that, although only lasted a day, created a memory that will last a lifetime.  This was a Journey to Bodega Bay.

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.
— Rachel Carson

Leaving at exactly 2:00 PM, Ceili and I grabbed the camera gear and some snacks. We were prepared for a long drive, and knew we wouldn't be home till later that night.

Not only was this one of the first adventures that Ceili was tagging along for, it was also a journey to see a friend of Ceili's that she hadn't seen in quite a while.

Stopping in Pinole, CA, Ceili and I ordered a coffee and sat down with her friend for an hour or so before grabbing a quick dinner and heading out on the road.  Ceili asked that I include her picture of "one of the most delicious pizzas ever." This delicious pizza pie is from MOD Pizza. It was indeed delicious and we highly recommend it!

As we continued our journey toward the Ocean we munched on our pizza and sang as loud as we could. The sky was somewhat clear, but clouds stacked on the mountains near our destination worried us that we wouldn't get the sunset photograph that we sought. We turned up the music and forgot about the weather. We were gonna see the ocean no matter what the weather brought.

After a total of three hours driving, we were finally getting close. We pulled into the parking lot about an hour or so before the sun was scheduled to set. Bodega Bay is incredibly beautiful and we instantly forgot that the weather wasn't exactly what we were looking for. Ceili jumped out of the car and we made our way down the trail to the nearby rocks that were being hammered by the waves.

Then we realized we forgot one thing! An adventure wouldn't be memorable without a selfie! Ceili pulled out her phone and we snapped a few before heading down the ocean for some seascape photography.  I hope you enjoy the following images. It was an awesome trip, and Im happy to say that Ceili took many of the photos below! Enjoy!