Adventures Around Spaulding Lake

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to drive up the hill and discover a beautiful area blanketed in snow. Exploring is one of my favorite things to do, and its even better when you get out early and have the world to yourself before everyone else wakes up.  Leaving at about 6:00 AM, I grabbed my camera bag and freshly brewed coffee and hit the road!  From Folsom, CA the Spaulding Lake area is about an hour and half drive up Interstate 80. The sky was clear and the roads were marked with scratches from snow plows.  I didn't have an exact plan of where to go, but I figured the closer I got to Clyde Mountain the better the views would be. Just after the sun started coming up, I decided to stop and get a few photos of the South Yuba river before venturing further up the hill.  My next stop was the partially frozen Fuller Lake. After snapping a few shots, I evaluated my options of driving further, however my two wheel drive decided it was time to turn around. I pulled off at a turnout and hiked along the Yuba River.  I was able to find a ton of beautiful places along the Yuba, and I happily snapped away before hiking back and heading home! This was a great adventure, and I hope you enjoy all the photos!

Justin WilcoxComment