New Blog and Updated Website!

I recently decided it was time to update the look of my website and add some new photos that I've taken recently. I also decided that it would be a great time to try something I've never done before.  Start a blog!  A blog is a great way to not only share additional photos that didn't make it onto my website, but also to post pictures from personal projects or images that don't necessarily fit my usual photographic genre. I feel that I'm always out taking a photo of something, so I plan to update this fairly frequently! On this blog, you can expect a large assortment of photography (both film and digital), from street photography to landscapes to additional images shot for clients.  A blog is a great way to give an image a home instead of letting it sit in the infinite abyss of images never seen.

to kick this off, I decided it would be awesome to post some of my favorite images from the last year or so.  Enjoy, and please subscribe at the bottom of this page to get notifications when I've posted something new. Thanks!

Justin WilcoxComment