Devon & Bree - Folsom, CA

When Devon and Bree asked us to shoot their wedding, they warned me that it was supposed to be small and would probably not have a lot of decorations. They were planning on traveling down from Oregon to California for a small ceremony and reception with a few family members before heading back up to Oregon. When we walked in, we were incredibly impressed with how so many people had come together to make two people's dreams come true. 

The house was packed with family members and friends that had traveled near and far just to show their support.  It had been transformed into a well established wedding venue complete with a sun room decorated with fresh flowers and candles ready to witness one of the greatest days of so many people's lives. Music played and the crowd made conversation until everything was in place.  Then the ceremony began. Even if you've seen someone everyday for years, seeing them walk down the aisle towards you is like seeing them for the very first time again.  Its an incredibly powerful moment, and as a photographer, its one of my favorites. It only lasts for a second, but it's a feeling that you will remember forever.

I sincerely want to thank Devon and Bree for letting Ceili and myself be a part of their big day. It was incredibly fun and we are so proud of the pictures that we captured.