Alexander Fresh 48

At about 4 PM on October 23, Ceili and I got the call that we had been anticipating for the past couple of days. Casey and Brandon were on there way to the hospital and were soon to give birth to their son. We had everything packed already and we ran out the door as quick as we could. We were definitely excited, but we kept our cool as we headed down towards the hospital. 

We parked as quick as we could and headed up to the waiting room. Their was excitement in the air, but it was a quiet excitement, as if we were all worried about waking up someone nearby. Everyone was calm. That is except for the big sister. She was excited to meet her little brother and wasn't afraid to let everyone know it. After much anticipation I was finally able to go in and meet the new addition to the family. 

This was an incredibly rewarding event to be apart of. Photography captures not only the story of its subjects, but each photo can also tell a story of the photographer. Here are a few of my favorites from the day. I hope they not only capture the excitement of everyone involved, but I hope they also capture how lucky I felt to be there!